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Toronto Raptors star Fred VanVleet has voiced his support in RP3’s new positional chart. Rashad has labeled VanVleet as a “Hybrid Guard”. Fred is having an All Star year under the new label. More NBA players will come forward in helping Rashad push the game forward.

RP3 predicted Notre Dame’s freshman sensation Olivia Miles would be the top PG in college basketball when she was a freshman in HS. She now leads the nation in assists.

After the draft Rashad predicted that Cam Thomas would be the top rookie in the summer league. Cam led SL in scoring with 27.0 PPG and won Co-MVP

For the first time ever I’ll be ranking this years NBA draft class using my new positions dictionary. Slotting players properly to ensure accurate player identity. Giving NBA teams a more detailed read on prospects. Over the years we’ve watched kids become mislabeled and evaluated wrong because the lack of knowing where to slot them. For example: Cade Cunningham is NOT a PG and shouldn’t be slotted in the PG category. Cade being labeled/ranked as a PG automatically pushes another kid that’s actually a PG down a rank.


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