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Book Synopsis:

Rashad Phillips breaks down how the evolution of basketball has called for updated terminology for player positions. He gives you fascinating personal stories of NBA and college players explaining where they belong in his new positions metric.

Rashad talks about his own playing career and growing up under his father’s (Virgil Phillips) basketball community center in Detroit where he encountered numerous future NBA players like Steve Smith, Derrick Coleman, Chris Webber, Jalen Rose and more. Shad’s unique upbringing and journey led him to becoming one of the brightest, most innovative and detailed evaluators in the country. His extraordinary perspective breaks down a 75 year old positions theory that he believes is outdated.

Rashad’s new positions metric provides an innovative tool to aid coaches, scouts, evaluators from all levels In identifying players for drafting, recruiting, and roster placement. Rashad’s brilliant new position metric ensures a more accurate read on the game for the entire basketball community as a whole.

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